Disk Size Explorer 1.5: Disk space directory folder size usage analysis management software

Disk Size Explorer 1.5

Disk Size Explorer is a advanced and more powerful disk space, directory and folder size usage analysis software. It helps you to explore and analyze your hard disk space easily. Features include file and folder size, free space, drive type, compressed size, file system, graphical charts (2D/3D Pie and Bar Graphs), cluster size, details file distribution statistics and reports (by size, type, owner, date etc.), printing details drive information,

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Disk Size Manager 2.1: Disk Size Manager - a powerful hard disk space manager for MS Windows

Disk Size Manager 2.1

Disk Size Manager - a powerful hard disk space manager for MS Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista. Using Disk Size Manager you can keep track of your hard disks space to ensure its most efficient use. With its 2D/3D pie and bar charts as well as detailed descriptions in words, Disk Size Manager provides you with the complete information about folders and drives you indicate. The information includes folder/drive space (total available, compressed, used

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Disk Space Inspector 3.9.3: Complete solution for the disk space usage analysis, management and reporting.

Disk Space Inspector 3.9.3

Disk Space Inspector is a feature-packed, yet easy to use, hard disk space analysis and disk space reporting software. Features summary: -View disk space usage by NTFS owner on a selected volume and/or directory to determine who is using the most space on a given volume; -View disk space usage by shared folders. -Graphically analyze disk space usage using Pie Chart and Bar Chart tools -Report disk space usage as text files(XML,CSV,HTML)

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DiskSizes 1.7: Shows status information about your computer`s disks or drives.

DiskSizes 1.7

disk use and display the number of folders, number of files, sum of the file sizes and total disk use. The last one may be relative to the cluster size on any of your computer`s drives. It may also be relative to a selected size or all of the listed sizes. In the last case, this information may be exported to a text file. This information may be useful when you are copying a folder. DiskSizes is a shareware program, requires Windows 98 or Windows

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Folder Size Folder Size will analyze your hard drives and display the file and folder sizes

Folder Size

sizes so that you can easily check the distribution of your disk space. The application will display the sizes of the folders and files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be sorted in order to identify the largest folders and the largest files. You can easily figure out which files or folders have filled up your dive space as Folder Size will also scan the sizes of all the subfolders. The application

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GetFoldersize (Portable Edition) 2.4.0: Determining the largest files and folders in your computer

GetFoldersize (Portable Edition) 2.4.0

disk space. Besides the files and folders, get to know individual directory sizes and those that eat up much of your available space. GetFoldersize also lets you see quickly how your disk space is organized and enables you to delete large files and folders that are no longer important to you. With this very useful tool, you need not worry about your computer`s slow performance because you can find and remove unnecessary files and folders any time

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EaseUS Partition Master Professional 9.2.1: All-in-one magic partition solution and disk management utility.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional 9.2.1

disk to a bigger one with one-click. Resize dynamic system volume. Extend NTFS system partition without reboot. Merge partitions into one without data. Resize/move, merge, copy, create, format, delete, wipe, recover, convert and explore partition. Resize dynamic volume. Convert dynamic disk to basic disk. WinPE bootable disk. Rebuild MBR. Wipe disk, partition and data on unallocated space. Disk surface test. Set Active/Label, hide/unhide partition

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ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer 5.1: Manage disk space on huge drives easily. Find big folders and files fast.

ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer 5.1

disk space. Get seven useful disk reports like Folder Sizes, File Types, Only Files and so on. Print contents of folders easily. ShowSize gives you a clear picture of disk space usage on your drives. As a result you can find out what folders, file types and files are consuming the most disk space. You can then examine these in further detail by going deeper into ShowSize reports that display the disk space related data in a hierarchical tree list

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DiskScout 2.01 build 130: Diskmonitor. Track harddisk space usage-compare current foldersize to previous

DiskScout 2.01 build 130

DiskSCOUT is a diskmonitor, diskspace analyzer, disk scan utility, treesize explorer, watchdisk tool. But unlike most other diskmonitors, DiskSCOUT is not designed to find large folders or files, but to mark those where changes in size have occurred between scans. DiskSCOUT is especially designed to track the historical development of your hard disk space usage from past to present. You may scan your disk once an hour, once a day or once a week -

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Fretless Space Explorer Quickly displays the size of all folders and files in an Explorer-like window.

Fretless Space Explorer

size of each of the folders on your hard drive? Trying to clean up your hard drive, but you don`t know where to begin? Or just wondering what happened to all that disk space you used to have? The Fretless Space Explorer is incredibly useful for managing and maintaining your hard drives. Unlike the Windows Explorer, which only shows file sizes, it displays the folder size as well. Unlike similar utilities, it quickly analyzes all folders simultaneously

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